Custom Garage Construction

Garage builder

Of the many home improvement projects you might be considering, a new garage is guaranteed to increases the resale value and desirability of your home. In addition to protecting your vehicles, a custom garage provides a multitude of uses from storage to work areas, and if you plan and build it correctly, a new garage can add charm and character to your home. Whether you’re looking to increase your property value, keep the rain and cold away from your vehicle, or wanting a custom garage and workshop for your acreage, Carter Construction Inc. is a local garage builder with the expertise to build it right.

Working with you, we will develop construction drawings that meet your needs and local building codes. Typically, each vehicle requires 10 feet in width and 20 to 22 feet in depth, but if you have an over-sized pickup, you’ll need at least 12 feet in width and 24 feet in depth. Consider if you want a traditional 24-30” man door in your garage, or would a wider 36” be easier to move your over-sized items into storage?

What items are you planning on storing in the garage? Lawnmowers don’t take up much space, but seasonal items like snowmobiles, bicycles, canoes/kayaks and motorcycles require more space planning. An off-center overhead door will provide more uninterrupted storage on one side of the garage for these items.

New garage construction is a major project but we make it easy for you, conforming to all local zoning and building laws.  Give us a call today for an estimate.

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