Energy Efficient Window Replacement

Interested in saving up to 20% on your energy bills? Then it’s time to replace your old aluminum windows with new double pane, low-emissivity (low-e) glass coated windows. Low-e windows reduce the transfer of heat in or out of your home; therefore reflecting your homes heat back into the house in the winter and blocking the sun’s rays in the summer.  With its’ reflective qualities, low-e windows help prevent fading of your drapery, flooring and furniture.

It is Carter Construction’s opinion that vinyl windows are the best choice in our damp Northwest climate because they don’t require annual painting or staining maintenance.  Vinyl windows don’t scratch, peel, fade or absorb moisture like wood windows will.  Plus our vinyl windows come with a transferable lifetime warranty, adding value to your home on resale.

Just last week, Carter Construction did a window replacement for Everett homeowners who had an old 1980’s PUD energy efficient window package and they immediately noticed a difference in their home’s heat retention.

Carter Construction is a licensed and bonded General Construction Contractor in Everett, Wa.